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After a long time of study, work and development, it is time to make the presentation of Tele Virtual Patronage.



Concept, usability and versions 

Tele Virtual Patronaje (TEVIPA) is the first program able to draw men , women and kids patterns based on measurements.

It operates as well in dressmaking and tailoring bespoke,  as in prêt à porter garments.

It depends on whether the measurements are direct (dressmaking and tailoring bespoke) or from a  measurement chart ( prêt à porter).

Direct measurements measure a specific body, while table measurements come from a table:

You can use two tipes of tables:

  • Internal App table
  • Costumer’s tabe, in this way the customer can keep their sizes and target measurements

You can make one or more patterns of the same model in different sizes, it means that grading process is not necessary.

It can be used in web and is designed to be integrated as a plug-in in different  layout, cutting or 3D fitting programs.

The result of the process is a pattern in differents vectorial formats.

TVP have several versions to adapt to the needs of each type of client. The versions are Basic, Pro, Plus and Plugin.


Genesis and development 

Tele Virtual Patronage is the result of the convergence of several different fronts:

  • Comparison of principles of anatomy and anthropometry of the male and female bodies and of the evolution of the body of boys and girls up to older age.
  • Study of artistic proportions throughout history and their adequacy with anthropometric proportions.
  • Kinetics of the human body.
  • Analysis of the first proportional cutting methods.
  • Specification of the ontological definitions of each garment and its stylistic variations.
  • Creation of algorithms to detect different body types based on the comparison of direct measurements.
  • Analysis of the different usabilities of the application based on the needs of different users.
  • Incidence of the fabrics to be used and consequent modification of the patterns based on them.
  • The application based on artificial intelligence has been designed to be fast and secure.

The result is a new way of  pattern making much more effective and faster.


Main screen of Tele Virtual Patronage and work interface.

When starting TVP, the home screen appears, on the right side of the header  we find the user menu icon (I). Clicking on the icon will display the user menu (Preferences, account and Logout).

Tele Virtual patronage screen areas

Tele Virtual patronage screen areas


 8 zones divide the resto of the screen:

  • upper zone (II), indicates the position of the current navigation;
  • lower zone (IX), textual field, in which each one of the measures is annoted as we go through the process of creating the pattern
  • intermediate zone, between the navigation zone and the textual field of measurement annotation.The intermediate zone has three colomns:
    • The leftmost column is the selection area (III).
    • The central column contains three elements:
      • a descriptive image (IV) of the selection in progress
      •  a textual field giving specifications of the image (VI).
      • an information icon (V) that enlarges the content of zone VI and IV. Cliccking on it a new contents will open on another page.
    • The right column contains two images (VII and VIII), in which the pieces corresponding to the pattern we are creating will be compiled. The pieces in these two fields do not correspond to the measurements of the pattern that we are creating, they are example pieces.