The seventh cervical vertebra

The seventh cervical vertebra

The seventh cervical vertebra is a reference point of the bony structure.

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The cervical vertebrae are the ones located in the neck, between the skull and the thoracic vertebrae, allowing the mobility of the neck.

The human being has seven, which are numbered starting from the skull. The seventh cervical and last of the neck has the peculiarity to have a spinous process of greater length.

The spinous processes are those extensions found at the back of the vertebrae. Their function is to protect and shelter the spinal medulla.

The spinous process  is often visible; if it is not visible, it is easy to locate by touch.

It coincides with the midpoint of the neck seam on the backside.

Most measurements taken for upper garments start from this point.

For more information, please visit: Anatomy of the human body by Gray, Henry, 1825-1861; Lewis, Warren Harmon, 1870 


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