Stature is a body measurement.

We will take this measurement with a stadiometer, except for those who cannot be standing.

The person should be in an upright position, standing with feet together. The subject should have maximum contact with the stadiometer shaft: heels , buttocks, shoulder blades and head.

We measure in the same way in male and female morphologies, as well as in infant one and neonates.

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It is the measurement between the vertex and the heel or the ground plane. It is the maximum height.

Babies or children who are less than two years old are an example. We cannot measure them with a stadiometer because they cannot able to stand up.

We can measure those bodies lying face up on a flat surface.

We will make sure that the contact points that we have described with the stadiometer are in contact with the measuring plane.

We will measure straight between the vertex and the sole of the foot, helping us with a pair of squares.

We do not follow the curves of the body.

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If we do not have a stadiometer we can improvise one with a square and a wall

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