Scye depth

Scye depth

Scye depth or armhole len is the distance between the seventh cervical vertebra and the level of the armpit.
There are several methods to take this measurement.

Tele Virtual Patronage - Scye depth

First method

We believe the best method is the one at the top of this page because it uses only the tape measure.

We will place the tape measure over the back of the client’s neck and drop the two tips at the front.

We will pass the two ends under the arms and pick them up at the back.

We will cross the tape measure in the middle of the back so that it is taut, in this way the tape measure will touch the armpits.

The point where the tape measure crosses over the spine will be the end point of the measurement. The starting point is the seventh cervical vertebra.

We can measure it only with a tape measure if the client is not of great corpulence. We slide the tips of the tape measure so that one is on the spine, the other tail, after the crossing with the first tip will allow us to measure from the seventh to the point indicated by the tape.

For customers of larger sizes it is better to use a pair of tape measures.

Second method

Tele Virtual Patronage - Scye depth with a flexible ruler

For the second method we will use a flexible ruler or a rectangular piece of transparent PVC.

Place the flexible ruler under the armpit so that it rubs against the armpit.

With the arm extended the ruler will maintain its position.

Fold the ruler towards the middle of the back and find the intersection of the ruler with the spine.

We will measure from this intersection to the seventh cervical vertebra.

Third method

Tele virtual Patronage - Scye depth with a triple tape measure

Some people take this measurement with a triple tape measure.

The triple tape measure is three tape measures joined at their ends.

In this method the scye depth measurement is taken at the same time as the breast measurement.

The right scye depth

The measurements are usually taken on top of the shirt (blouse), or T-shirt.

Only in certain garments will they be taken bare torso.

In all three methods the scye depth measurement will be longer because of the fabric of the upper garment that will be draped under the arm.

In the case of needing the tight measurement, the measurement will be smaller. At the moment of writing down the measurement we will specify that the measurement is thight

We should not think about the height of the armhole of the garment because in the process of tracing we will decide if we want to resize the measurement (give it vertical slack).

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