Measurement preparation

Measurement preparation

The measurement preparation of the subject is essential.

Many of the measurements we take end or begin at the waistline.

Therefore, throughout the measurement process, we must keep in mind exactly where the waistline of the person we are measuring is located.

To do this, we will take an elastic tape and place it exactly on the model’s waistline. This elastic tape should be tight enough so that it does not move during measurement.

The waist has the iliac crests and the fourth lumbar vertebra as reference points.

Tele Virtual Patronage - Anatomical waist

The waist plane is slightly inclined, with the anterior part being one centimeter lower than the posterior part in a subject who does not have pelvic anteversion or retroversion.

Tele virtual Patronage - Waist inclined plane

We should not confuse this waist that corresponds to the waistband of the pants with the anatomical waist.

Tele Virtual Patronage - Anatomical waist

The anatomical waist is the narrowest part of the trunk. This definition applies to anyone who does not have a belly. It is usually located between the second and third lumbar vertebrae. In external morphology, it usually is upper the navel level.

Pattern designers sometimes uses the anatomical waist. In this case, we will name the measurement as anatomic waist. Formal wear garments such as the tailcoat or frock coat have the waist cut at the anatomical waist. The same applies to fitted dresses.

Tele Virtual Patronage - Tailcoat Pattern

The rest of the traditional garments take the waist above the iliac crests and the fourth lumbar vertebra as the reference point.

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