Half back width

Half back width

The half back width is a body measurement.

It is the half the distance between the two corners of the upper arms and the trunk.

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This measurement crosses the sagittal plane that divides the human body into two symmetrical halves. Pattern making only considers one of the two parts of the body. That is why we will only take half of the dimension of this measurement. It gives us the width of the back rectangle, without any ease.


The measuring tape is placed during the measurement at the most prominent point of the curve described by the thoracic vertebrae. The tape during the measurement will be positioned between the fifth and sixth thoracic vertebrae.


We should not confuse this measurement with the bi acromial distance, which measures the distance between the two acromia on the back, nor with the width of the back in armhole.


The width of the back in armhole is the distance that the measuring tape travels from the last points we see before the tape disappears under the arms while we take the chest circumference measurement.


The measurement of the bi-acromial width of the back is the largest, the smallest is the width of the back in armhole, and the width of the back is between the two measurements.


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