Front bust length

Front bust length


The front bust length measures from the seventh cervical vertebra to the front waist level


Tele virtual Patronage - Front bust length from the seventh cervical vertebra


The measurement goes around the neck at its base to the tip neckline, then passes over the nipple and descends perpendicular to the ground plane to the front waist level.


The waist level reference is the elastic tape that we have placed on the subject when we have prepared it for measurement.


This measurement passes through the tip neckline, which is a point that exists and is concrete, but we can not locate it directly.


When we take the measurement, we will take it from an anchor point. The most important anchor point for upper garments is the seventh cervical point.


What is the tip neckline?


The tip neckline is the upper part of the neckline rectangle in the front and back parts.


Tele Virtual Patronage - Location of the neck box tip


The distance between the point of the neck box and the seventh cervical vertebra is the neckline distance of the back block piece.


We can locate the point by applying to the main garment measurement the proportion we set to find this point in pattern making or we can find it with the tape measure.


Tele Virtual Patronage – Finding tip neckline with the tape measure



The point of tip neckline is the center of the arc that we can make on the front of the body with the tape measure tip.


Tele virtual Patronage – tip neckline as center of the tape measure tip arc


Some people prefer to discount the measurement of the tip neckline.  If we use it in its entirety, deducting the length of the back neckline at the time of use, the point will be much more accurate.


We always draw the back part of the upper garments first, so we will always have the back neckline before applying the length of the front.


Front bust length as a bi- or tripartite measure


The measure of  front bust length is a composite measurement: it is the addition of three measurements:


  • The back neckline length, as we have seen: (from the seventh cervical vertebra to the tip of neckline).


Tele Virtual Patronage – The back neckline length


  • The real breast drop (from the tip of neckline to the nipple)


Tele Virtual Patronage - Real breast drop


The breast drop in the male morphology is practically parallel to grain of the pattern.


  • The breast rise (from waist level to the nipple)


Tele Virtual Patronage - Breast rise


The rise of the chest is measured perpendicular to the plane of the ground.


To summarize:

The lebgth of the front bustis a composite measurement, so we will note the measurement from the seventh to the waist and the position of the nipple.

To the measurement of the breast drop, as to the front bust length, we can deduct or not the back neckline (from the seventh to the tip of the neck box).

The bust rise measurement is the complementary measurement to the bust drop in the front bust length.


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