About Tevipa

About Tevipa

About Tevipa is the acronym for Tele Virtual Patronage.

It is an Italian-Spanish web intelligent pattern creation application that was born from the confluence of computer science and pattern design.

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The program was born in Barcelona with the team of Cómo Cubrir Un Cuerpo.

At first, an application was developed for personal use for the intelligent creation of patterns.

Its management took more than five years and it has been used in a test version for 6 years.

In September 2020 it was decided to take it to the web environment, creating an interface to make it available to everyone.

From the second week of April 2023 it has started to be released to the public.

Why Tevipa, Tele Virtual Patronage?

Its name describes its characteristics.

Tele means at a distance, through our application we can serve customized patterns at a distance: we distribute them through the network.

Virtual means that it has a virtue: that of tracing patterns on given measurements from scratch, without basing them on pre-existing patterns.

Also it is virtual  Virtual, because we can see the finished pattern before buying it on the computer screen.

Patronage because what we do is to trace customized patterns.

Considering that the “Real Academia de la Lengua Española” has not yet incorporated the word “patronaje”, we have adopted the French spelling.

Pattern making, styling and our program

Pattern making is the dumb brother of styling. However, pattern making is the essence of fashion. The help of our application can include all body types regardless of gender, size or shape to styling a particular model.

The greatest success of the application has been a symbiosis of knowledge at personal level of informatics and pattern making. Also the combined study of other areas of interest to the program. A very small team has been able to develop the program, accelerating the process and creating algorithms that govern the calculations to create the patterns for real bodies.

Artificial intelligence allows it to draw the bespoke patterns, recognizing the particularities and built of each body.

This program is not static. It is constantly evolving.

To whom it is addressed

This powerful tool can be used by different niches of the textile sector that have different and often opposing needs. Thus, it has been developed into a platform that meets the needs of each type of user.

The platform distinguishes between two types of user: the home and the professional user.

Home user can have access to pre-formatted patterns in which he can customize some components. The pattern is served in PDF in full size or multipage.

The multipage has several sizes.

Professional user has several different services: creation of ad hoc patterns for each company, making the patterns available in vettorial format for editing or introducing them directly into digitized cutting programs, creating the patterns from scratch with our application. Within the professional users, we must differentiate between small, medium sized tailoring, dressmaking,  and larges companies.

You can combine the traditional sizing with the cut-to-size models. The sizing will be based on the company’s measurement tables, thus avoiding sizing changes and adapting the sizes to the target customers of the specific company.

Tevipa’s New Values

Tele Virtual Patronage brings a series of new values to the professional world of fashion:

Intuitive: It is not necessary to be a pattern maker, so it is optimal for stylists.

Continuous training: The program through helps, graphics and pages accompany us throughout the process of creating or modifying a pattern, giving the how and why of each step.

Fast: saves time, the pattern is created in less than 3 seconds.

Accurate and efficient: it avoids calculation errors and thanks to the algorithms, it will cut differently the patterns for different bodies, giving everyone the possibility to be able to wear a specific stylistic model.

In addition, we provide more didactic information from the blog section of this page.

It contributes to the preservation of the environment: it offers the possibility to make industrial tailor-made clothing avoiding stocking if this application is integrated into the e-commerce site of the companies. Thus creating a re-localization of the industry, saving polluting international transports and creating relocalized jobs.